8 years of chronic sciatica GONE!
Thanks to deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release.
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While working at Texas A&M Theater Department, I lifted and twisted a table and something kinda popped. As a 27 year old active adult, I took a short break thinking I would snap out of the pain I was feeling in my right hip. No such luck. My manager suggested a chiropractor. The treatment got me up and moving and doing the exercises suggested.
My sciatica would flair up every 3-4 months after “over doing it” somehow and I would be unable to walk or stand up straight.
Flat on my back!
Flash forward to 1999 in massage school. My fellow students and I all thought working on the low back posteriorly was the ticket. I would get up from the table and not be able to stand up or walk well for a while.
Then thanks to Steve Carper (now owner of Omaha Massage School) giving a short tutorial on the iliopsoas my life changed.

When I do get a flair up from activity or lack of…..
I know what works.

Practicing these treatments now for 20 years I have run into situations that aren’t as easily fixed. There are other factors that my inhibit 100% recovery.